Auctions At Your Site

Even with smaller estates, we realize that you might want to have your own auction. We will make our recommendations, but you make the final decision. We will never be “too big” to conduct a small auction. When we look back over the years, some of our favorite sellers have been seniors who wanted their own auction.

Advertising is generally a separate charge for an on site auction. There is no out of pocket expense, we place and pay for the ads and deduct them from your check. We make recommendations as to where and when to advertise and you can either add to them, reduce them, or use our suggestions.

The most common asked question by people when choosing an auctioneer is “what is your commission rate?” There are too many variables to have standard rate. If you choose to have a buyers fee, it will reduce the percentage commission charged to you. Rest assured, we will charge you a rate that is not only competitive, but allows us to give your items the time they deserve.

We would be happy to come to you for a no cost, no obligation consultation. Please call and set up an appointment at 763-856-2453 or 612-670-2005 

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