Snowmobile & ATV Auctions
          Simply put, No one sells more used snowmobiles and ATV’s in the 5 state area than
We do. Our large customer base insures buyers and sellers they are trading
at current market value. Advertising for a typical auction will include : 8,000 mailed
auction flyers to past auction attendee’s, Newspaper ads in 12 newspapers covering
a 100 mile radius, Radio advertising and a listing on our web site. We charge buyers
at our auctions an 10% Buyers Fee. On Machines that sell for $800.00 or more the
seller is charged no commission. We allow sellers to put minimum bids on their machines,
 however, on any machine that doesn’t reach it’s minimum bid the seller is charged a 3%
No Sale fee We reserve the right to refuse any machine if we feel the minimum bid is
 unrealistic. We have on average 125-150 machines at every auction, and We will normally
 see a 80%-85% success rate at our auctions.  Buyers are allowed to inspect the
 machines the day before and the morning of the auction. We do not allow starting of
the machines during inspection. All machines are started by our staff prior to being sold. 
 Whether you are a dealer, a rental company, or a individual looking to sell
 a machine we would love to here from you.
Call us at 1-800-889-3458.